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Latest Financial announcement date(Q2) : Nov 12, 2021 (-)


Jun 23, 2021 Published.
Trade name
Digital Garage, Inc.
株式会社デジタルガレージ  / デジタルガレージ
Type of company
Listed company (Holding company)
Securities code
Governance system
Company with an audit and supervisory committees
Consolidated subsidiary
¥ 7,637
Capital reserve
¥ 7,730
* The value is in millions.
Number of employees
471(Non-consolidated)  /  898(Consolidated)
Employee ratio of parent company
Revenue and Profit
RevenueOperating incomeOrdinary income
¥ 40,500
¥ 14,300
Ordinary margin: 35.4%
* The value is in millions.
* The above figures are consolidated financial data.
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Financial summary

Accounting date
Mar 31, 2021
Accounting standard

Annual performance

Revenue¥ 34,832¥ 40,478
Operating income¥ -2,286-
Ordinary income¥ 1,126¥ 14,317

Balance sheet summary

Balance sheet
Total assets¥ 77,074¥ 178,301
Net assets¥ 24,291¥ 62,134
Retained earnings¥ 7,840¥ 52,785
* The value is in millions.


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Information source: Digital Garage, Inc. Annual securities report (Jun 23, 2021)
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