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Mar 26, 2021 Published.
100 years -
¥ 74,609
* The value is in millions.

Data of employees

Number of employees
Employee ratio of parent company 0.3%   (Pure holding company)
Temporary employees *--
* The number of temporary employees indicate temporary staff, part-timers, and fixed-term employees.
Average of employees
Average salary
¥ 13,419
* The value is in thousands.
Average age46.4 years old
Average years of service17.3 years
* These values are parent company's data of consolidated companies. These aren't data including subsidiaries.
Number of employees by segments
SegmentsNumber of employees(Consolidated)
国内 20,232
海外 44,208
General/Administrative 93
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Data of directors

Director *1Outside Director *2
Number of persons6-
Total remunerations¥ 231,000-
Average remuneration¥ 38,500 -
Ratio of female directors 23.1%
* The value is in thousands.
*1 In rare cases, It may be include outside directors and audit committee members.
*2 Outside directors or Audit committee members.
Individual remuneration
Timothy Andree ¥ 382,000
Timothy Andree ¥ 382,000
Timothy Andree ¥ 382,000
Nick Priday ¥ 180,000
Nick Priday ¥ 180,000
Nick Priday ¥ 180,000
* The value is in thousands.
* If the remuneration is 100 million or more, there is a duty to disclose.
* The remuneration is the total of all remuneration, including remuneration from subsidiaries, etc.
Governance system
Company with an audit and supervisory committees
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Information source: DENTSU GROUP INC. Annual securities report (Mar 26, 2021)
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