Mitsubishi Corporation Company overviewCapital:¥204446, Number of employees:80728

Latest Financial announcement date(Q1) : Aug 2, 2022 (-)


Aug 8, 2022 Updated
Trade name
Mitsubishi Corporation
三菱商事株式会社  / ミツビシショウジ
Type of company
Listed company
Securities code
Governance system
Company with board of company auditors
Consolidated subsidiary
Capital reserve
* The value is in millions.
Number of employees
4,390(Non-consolidated)  /  80,728(Consolidated)
Employee ratio of parent company
Revenue and Profit
RevenueOperating incomeOrdinary income
Non-consolidated: 11.7%
Ordinary margin: 7.5%
* The value is in millions.
* The above figures are consolidated financial data.
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Data of employees

Number of employees
Employee ratio of parent company 5.4%  
Temporary employees *43323,448
* The number of temporary employees indicate temporary staff, part-timers, and fixed-term employees.
Average of employees
Average salary
* The value is in thousands.
Average age42.8 years old
Average years of service18.5 years
* These values are parent company's data of consolidated companies. These aren't data including subsidiaries.
Number of employees by segments
Amount per employee
Operating income¥-30,200-
Ordinary income¥91,300¥16,000
Total assets¥1,896,800¥271,400
* The value is in thousands.
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Data of directors

Director *1Outside Director *2
Number of persons85
Total remunerations¥1,926,000¥150,000
Average remuneration¥240,750¥30,000
Ratio of female directors 25.0%
* The value is in thousands.
*1 In rare cases, It may be include outside directors and audit committee members.
*2 Outside directors or Audit committee members.
Individual remuneration
Kobayashi Ken ¥386,000
Kobayashi Ken ¥386,000
Kakiuchi Takehiko ¥365,000
Kakiuchi Takehiko ¥784,000
Masu Kazuyuki ¥114,000
Masu Kazuyuki ¥230,000
Yoshida Shinya ¥118,000
Murakoshi Akira ¥230,000
Murakoshi Akira ¥114,000
Hirai Yasuteru ¥197,000
Sakakida Masakazu ¥114,000
Kashiwagi Yutaka ¥201,000
* The value is in thousands.
* If the remuneration is 100 million or more, there is a duty to disclose.
* The remuneration is the total of all remuneration, including remuneration from subsidiaries, etc.
Governance system
Company with board of company auditors
Company's website
* Holding ratio is the percentage of voting rights. In rare cases, it may also indicate the percentage of held ratio.
* The list may include indirect affiliates (grandchildren and grandfather companies).



Information source: Mitsubishi Corporation Annual securities report (Jun 24, 2022)
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