Panasonic Holdings Corporation Company overviewCapital:¥259168, Number of employees:240198

Latest Financial announcement date(Q1) : Jul 28, 2022 (-)


Aug 5, 2022 Updated
Trade name
Panasonic Holdings Corporation
パナソニックホールディングス株式会社  / パナソニックホールディングス
Type of company
Listed company (Holding company)
Securities code
Governance system
Company with board of company auditors
Consolidated subsidiary
Capital reserve
* The value is in millions.
Number of employees
55,088(Non-consolidated)  /  240,198(Consolidated)
Employee ratio of parent company
Revenue and Profit
RevenueOperating incomeOrdinary income
Non-consolidated: 37.3%
Operating margin: 4.8%
Ordinary margin: 4.9%
* The value is in millions.
* The above figures are consolidated financial data.
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Data of employees

Number of employees
Employee ratio of parent company 22.9%   (Holding company)
Temporary employees *--
* The number of temporary employees indicate temporary staff, part-timers, and fixed-term employees.
Average of employees
Average salary
* The value is in thousands.
Average age45.7 years old
Average years of service22.5 years
* These values are parent company's data of consolidated companies. These aren't data including subsidiaries.
Number of employees by segments
SegmentsNumber of employees(Consolidated)
くらし 96,083
オートモーティブ 29,419
コネクト 28,985
インダストリー 40,903
エナジー 16,987
その他 25,518
General/Administrative 2,303
Amount per employee
Operating income¥1,200¥1,500
Ordinary income¥2,300¥1,500
Total assets¥96,700¥33,400
* The value is in thousands.
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Data of directors

Director *1Outside Director *2
Number of persons87
Total remunerations¥1,128,000¥110,000
Average remuneration¥141,000¥15,714
Ratio of female directors 17.6%
* The value is in thousands.
*1 In rare cases, It may be include outside directors and audit committee members.
*2 Outside directors or Audit committee members.
Individual remuneration
Nagae Shusaku ¥108,000
Tsuga Kazuhiro ¥218,000
Tsuga Kazuhiro ¥219,000
Kusumi Yuki ¥182,000
Sato Mototsugu ¥147,000
Homma Tetsuro ¥148,000
Higuchi Yasuyuki ¥137,000
Sato Mototsugu ¥170,000
Homma Tetsuro ¥131,000
Higuchi Yasuyuki ¥157,000
Umeda Hirokazu ¥124,000
* The value is in thousands.
* If the remuneration is 100 million or more, there is a duty to disclose.
* The remuneration is the total of all remuneration, including remuneration from subsidiaries, etc.
Governance system
Company with board of company auditors
Company's website
* Holding ratio is the percentage of voting rights. In rare cases, it may also indicate the percentage of held ratio.
* The list may include indirect affiliates (grandchildren and grandfather companies).



Information source: Panasonic Holdings Corporation Annual securities report (Jun 24, 2022)
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